How To Contact Rainbow Sandals

How To Contact Rainbow Sandals

How To Contact Rainbow Sandals. 6 month warranty on select styles. Pour half a cup of baking soda into the bag and lock it immediately.

How To Contact Rainbow SandalsHow To Contact Rainbow Sandals
Girls Rainbow Sandals (Younger 412) Multi Matalan from

The most common rainbow sandals inc email format is first (ex. After clicked track button, you will be redirected to rainbow sandals order tracking page where you can check the current. Inspect the following items to ensure they are present:


Place Your Sandals In A Ziplock Bag Full Of Baking Soda.

Make use of an old toothbrush with soft bristles or anything similar. Let them be in the bag for several hours or an entire day. Leave the bag, with the sandals and powder inside, for about two days.

Pour In Half A Cup Of Baking Soda.

Rainbow sandals are popular with college students, backpackers, and other people who spend a lot of time outside. Sandals that are not covered under the rainbow guarantee are guaranteed for a period of six months against manufacturing defects which occur outside of normal wear and tear. Rainbow merchandise that was purchased from our online store or elsewhere can be returned for exchange, there is no time limit.

3% Of Rainbow® Sandals Total Revenue In 2020 Went Directly To Helping These Great Organizations::

How to contact rainbow sandals. If the odor remains, you’ll have to get a little drastic. We recently produced and gave 1200 pairs of custom san clemente high.

Be Sure To Include Your Name, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Phone Number And A Description Of The Item (S) You Wish To Purchase.

Leave the bag, with the sandals and powder inside, for about two days. We charge $7.00 to place an exchange order for one item and $2.00 for each additional item (this covers the shipping cost back to the customer). While standing, make sure you are checking for adequate length and width with your fingers on the heel of your foot, and then between your toes.

After Clicked Track Button, You Will Be Redirected To Rainbow Sandals Order Tracking Page Where You Can Check The Current.

This will help stretch them out and make them more comfortable to wear. Leave the bag to sit for a few days, somewhere out of direct sunlight if possible. Yes, we can ship internationally however;

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